Trailer Repair Services

Truck & Trailer Repair Services

Diesel brothers perform a wide range of trailer repair services. We perform the latest and used trailer repairs, and are well-resourced to work on just about any trailer brand and all makes and models.

Truck And Trailer Repair We Do

We provide trailer repair near me services on shafts, tires, trailer jacks, and more, along with a wide collection of standard repair and service requirements. We as well provide security examinations. And if it is not mentioned here, don’t think we don’t provide it. We can handle just about every sort of trailer repair you want. We as well provide trailer custom-made work, setting up or trailer elements and frills, and a lot more.

After a visit to the Diesel brother trailer repair shop, you will be all set to go on! Contact us now at 905-867-3124 | 905-867-0878 for any query or to schedule an appointment with us for outstanding trailer repair service.

From Preventive Maintenance To Emergency Repairs. We Do it All

Diesel brothers’ maintenance and repair team offers the clients best service. That means we go the extra step to keep your trailer working best and to offer emergency repairs if something goes wrong. Everything we do, we aim for transparent costing, outstanding communication, and the premium quality work possible.

Preventative maintenance for a trailer will comprise a deep visual examination for a sign of tear and wear, pursued by a series of tests to assure that the lights, wires, brakes, and other security elements are functioning properly. Our technicians will detect that all elements are polished and look for leakage signs. We will check any wearable parts to assure their condition and suggest whether changing is warranted or not. We will also check the breakaway system, hub, drum and suspension, and a lot more.

Advantages of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance extends the life of your trailers and assists in preserving their worth should you ever decide to trade it in. Initiating steps today to sustain your trailer means taking care of little jobs that, if left ignored, would rapidly become more expensive issues.

Emergency Trailer Repairs

Even the finest maintained trailer may come across emergency repair  service at times, particularly if you often take it off-road or in a hard land. Diesel brothers have the team, the equipment, and the training essential to act whichever repair you need. 

We provide reasonable trailer repair services for clients in Ontario. Schedule an appointment with us now.


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“My truck broke down in the middle of nowhere. These guys saved me from disaster. Very professional and very helpful.”

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