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15,000 BTU Mid-Profile Rooftop Heat Pump, Ducted or Non-Ducted Application

  • Attractive aerodynamic design
  • Vibration isolation minimizes compressor noise
  • Efficient high-capacity air conditioning and heat pump models
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Inside ceiling assembly and/or thermostat sold separately
  • High-impact polypropylene injection-molded shroud and base pan
  • High capacity output fan & motor design with 350 CFM blower

Getting there is up to you – staying there is up to us!
We are inspired by those who seek freedom of nature! Travelling is the process to get from A to B, but we help people with their Journeys – we want to give you the possibility to go out there and do your bucket list, connect with people and nature, see things and experience more. We don’t just want you to visit amazing places – we want you to stay.

Reaching a pinnacle in cooling performance and efficiency
Air conditioning inside an RV has become a basic amenity that owners consider part of the standard-build landscape. Almost all RVs are equipped with at least one rooftop air conditioner. The Blizzard, features numerous improvements in exterior design, insulation and efficiency. Strategically placed foam insulation and an integrated blower housing minimizes heat transfer so cooler air is produced and maintained. Improvements to the evaporator, condenser, fan and blower wheel all helped with the overall positive experience. Noise and vibration were also big considerations in the revamp of this product, and improvements to the base pan get a big portion of the credit. Owners will appreciate the Blizzard’s cooling and power efficiency, and enjoy the indoor experience, even when outside temperatures soar.

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